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NanoComposix has one of the world’s largest portfolios of nanoparticles including silver, gold, silica, magnetite, platinum for biomedical applications in diagnostics, drug delivery, photothermal, and therapeutics. Our GMP and ISO13485 compliant method can manufacture nanoparticles in large scale with precise engineering and extensive characterization for high levels of consistency and performance. 

We are also the all-in-one solution for point of care diagnostics offering a broad range of nanoparticles for conjugation to labels and proteins with up to 20x increase in visual detection using the 150nm gold nanoshells.  

  • 150nm gold nanoshells LFA conjugation kit for enhanced sensitivity   40nm & 80nm colloidal gold – passive and covalent conjugations
  • Streptavidin conjugated gold – quick binding with biotinylated reagents
  • NHS gold kit – easy conjugation to proteins, no activation required 
  • Mesoporous silica – catalyst & chemical removal; drug delivery system 
  • Platinum nanoparticles – molecular diagnostics and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
  • Silver – microscopy, photothermal cancer therapies, SERS, photovoltaics, plasmonic sensing      

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