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ProteinOne is a development stage biotechnology company doing business in Bethesda Maryland, USA. The primary aim of the company is to deliver purified, biologically active proteins to research labs, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies via a Universal Protein Array (UPA) under development by the company to help companies with their drug discovery program. The purified proteins will be sold in two different formats: through the patent pending UPA system, or Individually by request. The company’s aim is to include over 300 purified active proteins in our inventory within two years, and to successfully transfer from a prototype to an operationally complete model of the UPA. ProteinOne's expertise in active protein production allows us to provide customers with functionally active and highly purified recombinant proteins as well as native protein fractions from mammalian cells. Our product lines include general transcription factors, transcriptional activators and coactivators, pre-mRNA processing factors, tumor suppressors and other cancer related proteins.
  • Antibodies
  • Enzymes
  • Modified
  • Nuclear receptors
  • Proteins
  • Cancer proteins
  • Cell extract proteins
  • GST-tagged proteins
  • Splicing factor proteins
  • Protein arrays
  • Transcription factors and kits

  • ** FOR PRICING PLEASE contact the office on 1300 246 724 / NZ: 0800 444 157 or Click to contact us online

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